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Call centre makes hundreds of Christmas Day calls

A call centre set up to provide lonely people with a friendly ear has made hundreds of calls on Christmas Day.  Telephone answering services can be a vital lifeline for individuals who feel isolated and may be on their own.  In 2013, TV personality Esther Rantzen set up the Silver Line call centre, which offers support to those over 50 years old – and, on Christmas Day, the call centre contacted almost 1,000 people.

Silver Line has 100 advisors who either take calls, or make contact with people who have signed up for the Silver Line Friend service.  Rather than being there to answer problems with products or services, agents are simply providing a friendly and listening ear to people who are cut off from society.

Sophie Andrews, the call company’s chief executive, said that 680 calls were received on Christmas Day.  “It has been very busy,” she said, saying that a lot of outbound calls have been made in addition to those received.  “Myself and Esther made about 40 calls each ourselves.  On a normal day we are taking about 500 calls.  We are pleased with that but we want to reach more people, especially those who are not connected to any other service.”

The news shows just how important call centre contact remains, particularly for those who just need to speak to someone.  Although Silver Line does not provide support for products or services, its importance in society reflects the work that other telephone answering services also do.

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