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Call Centre Launched in Kuwait Excites Stocks

The announcement of a call centre in Kuwait excites stocks.

The call centre that has started in Kuwait is worth mentioning not as a potential place to transfer your current outsourcing services, but as an important economic move. The outsourcing industry in any country such as South Africa, China, India and the Philippines usually means one thing – a stimulated economy. Kuwait has largely depended on the oil industry to supports its growth and citizens.

The emergence of call centres with telephone answering services provides a new means for citizens to make money. It also helps stimulate the economy and hopefully stabilises it a little more. Kuwait is much like the Philippines was a few years ago with regards to an underdeveloped outsourcing industry. Asia, mostly India, has the best outsourcing market and industry in terms of current growth; although Indian growth has slowed in recent weeks.

Kuwait will be offering customer management and contact centre services. They will not be offering other outsourcing options as of yet, given the newly-formed industry. The country is hoping for a paradigm shift so that businesses can grow.

For those in the UK it is probably too early to consider the Kuwait outsourcing industry, given its infancy. To obtain the most benefits with outsourcing it is usually better to go with an established company that can offer the best customer service. It is even better when those services are in the UK for UK economic stimulation and UK-based jobs.

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