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Call centre IVR and self-service options must be monitored

Call centre teamModern business is all about making the customer’s life as easy as possible, whether this is accomplished by facilitating sales or providing optimised consumer care. However, many call centres continue to fail when it comes to keeping customer services strategies optimised.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is commonly used by many telephone answering services. This software helps route customers through to the right agent. However, once the system is in place, businesses can easily forget to maintain, update and re-evaluate the process.

In general, IVR should have no more than three initial options per tier. Without monitoring, it can be easy to tack on a few extra choices here and there. However, this usually results in a confusing and time-consuming system that can frustrate callers. Music should also be changed regularly to prevent regular customers becoming bored. It is also better to play the full track rather than switch through shortened music to avoid people thinking they’re being connected with each track change.

It is essential to ensure that self-service options remain as easy as possible for consumers. A good self-service menu can significantly reduce call centre traffic, allowing agents to handle more complex problems. Website FAQs should be regularly updated, and links to product, service and solution videos should be clearly posted. In addition, self-service menu options such as IVR need to be short and concise so they don’t waste people’s time.

Ensuring these two systems are kept maintained and relevant can save a lot of time for consumers and companies alike.

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