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Call centre incentivised to use multichannel after shoppers survey

New research has shown that active shoppers are permanently attached to their smartphones and are ready to shop.  The news means that an increasing number of call centres might want to utilise a multichannel approach to selling, encouraging consumers to browse and buy on their mobiles.

One of the leading agencies into shopper research, Shoppercentric, has produced a new report reviewing the role of smartphones in the shopping world.  Danielle Pinnington, Shoppercentric Managing Director, said: “Last year we looked at m-commerce whilst investigating social media and multichannel retail, but with smartphone ownership passing the 50 percent mark in the UK, we felt it was time to turn our attention properly to m-commerce.”  She added that, based on their findings, there is a huge opportunity for brands to connect with both new and existing customers via tablets and smartphones.

Important findings of the survey were that around two thirds of people using phones to shop actually did so at home.  Meanwhile, almost a fifth shop on the move, 8% shop whilst they are at work and only 9% actually use their gadgets to shop whilst they are in-store.  In addition, many people use smartphones to price check and find discounts, with 53% of 35-54 year olds using their gadgets to compare prices.  Thirty-six percent of those aged between 18 and 24 used their phones to find vouchers and offers.

In terms of telephone answering services, it may mean that the multichannel approach must be adopted to maximise sales.  Whilst consumers still prefer to talk to agents, offering web chat and mobile optimised websites will be essential to reach customers.

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