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Call centre expert highlights need to know where consumers come from

An expert in the call centre industry has said that it is crucial for telephone answering services to understand where their consumers are calling from. Unlocking this data can lead to great benefits, helping managers to better understand which portals and marketing methods are seeing the most success.

Simon Beeching, an expert in the call centre environment, said that various telephone numbers should be provided to website visitors. The majority of call centres provide one number for customers to call regardless of which website page they are visiting. However, Mr Beeching argues that by replacing the number and product codes for each website visitor, a vast amount of important data can be gained. This can include whether people arrived at a website via affiliate links, directly, through a search, or via a social networking platform. In addition, common keyword searches can be identified and real-time consumer data can be gathered.

Whilst the process may be daunting, there are already a number of solutions available, including Syntec Telecom’s ResponseTrack analytics and call tracking software. This technology has various features, including the ability to optimise online marketing. It is a cloud-hosted solution, which helps drive down the costs.

For companies that want to get a better grip on their customers, using such a process could be a good idea. With future competition expected to gain, Mr Beeching’s call centre advice could be extremely timely.

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