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Call centre education is vital for high quality performance

Call centres have a bad reputation, largely because many people utilise such telephone answering services when something has gone wrong and they need a quick and instant response.  Unfortunately, an instant solution isn’t always available, and customers can go away feeling angry and despondent.  Educating call centre staff is vital for high quality performance, and it can help turn negative caller experiences into positive ones.

Callers can quickly realise when they are talking to an agent without much knowledge, and it is, therefore, vital to train and educate call centre staff.  Providing clear goals to employees can help considerably, and placing staff members into bands can help distinguish the varying needs of individuals.  Bottom and neutral performers can be given extra support and attention, whilst top performers can be rewarded for their work.  Top performing front-line staff can also help create training packs, and buddy-up with lesser performers to help the learning process.

Another important tip is that call centre staff should be educated on the big picture and not just the tiny fragment of work that they are undertaking.  Many people may not realise why they are undertaking the work that they have been asked to do.  Explaining the large picture can help make sense as to why targets have been put in place, helping employees to reach for goals.

Educating members of staff must be an important part of call centre business in 2013, and, by investing in staff training, performance can be pushed higher than ever.

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