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Call centre cover essential for holiday periods

With the Easter long weekend looming, many call centres may be facing staffing problems.  Not only does call traffic often increase around such times, but there is often a rise in the number of employees taking leave.  This means that it is vital to factor in holidays to the annual schedule and ensure that enough agents are on hand to work.

Holiday periods can be a hard time for those working in the telephone answering services industry.  With many people not at work, there can often be a rise in call traffic as individuals finally get around to making the customer care calls that they have been meaning to make for many weeks.  Meanwhile, especially for agents with families, this is the prime time to take annual leave, often resulting in staffing being stretched thinly.

For any executives wanting to ensure that customer care does not suffer over busy periods, it is vital to provide adequate staffing.  Many call centres utilise temporary staff at this time, and there may be agents that they have used in the past who are willing to fill in at these busy times.  Meanwhile, it is an opportune time to hire.  Starting a new hiring run just before a busy period allows managers to train new agents when they know that there will be multiple calls coming in.  Whilst not all agents will become permanent workers, many will survive through the busy period of call traffic, helping call centres ensure that all their phones are manned.

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