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Call centre contact for pregnancy emergencies

The NHS has decided to use a contact centre for women who go into labour. They will dial a different number to the usual hospital number in Scotland, the purpose of which is to overhaul the maternity services there. The call centre will employ midwives rather than local hospital staff members if the scheme is approved in the final stages. Experts are trying to streamline services for how women are treated when they are about to give birth. The idea is to make professionals available for women who go into labour, so they know what to do. The scheme has created alarm for many, who would rather still call the hospital.

The new plan is just another example of how telephone answering services are being used in a variety of different industries. Some companies may have held off changing to call centres due to concerns; however, hospitals, councils, fire services and the police are all turning to call centres of late.

Despite the controversy surrounding some of the uses of call centres, there are some very important points to be made. Councils are opting for telephone answering services because there are professionals able to handle the calls that come in. When it is easier to get the required help immediately rather than being put through many questions on an automated line, it means the individual’s safety is a priority. In your company you might be able to find a use for call centres, whether for when you are closed or 24/7.

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