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Call centre community pages offer numerous benefits

Call centre operatorsBoosting agent engagement in the call centre is an important task, ensuring that workers feel motivated, productive and part of a team. Building a community page on Facebook or Google+ can be hugely beneficial. In addition to acting as a communication tool for telephone answering services, it can become a go-to hub for agents. There are also other benefits beyond the obvious advantages of sharing information and updates.

The main objective of a community page should be to boost advisor engagement and help with collaboration. However, there are other ways that a central page can help. For example, it can be a used as a reminder service, sending alerts about meetings, events and other work activities to users. It is particularly useful because agents can choose whether to opt in, which means that the service will not be seen simply as a way for employers to nag people.

Another benefit is that community pages can reduce overall email traffic, helping managers to reduce repetitive workloads and focus on other tasks. Team leaders can respond directly to community posts to answer questions. These will then remain in the system so agents with similar enquiries do not have to email managers again; instead, they can view the same response that was previously posted.

Finally, community pages can be a great place for announcements, such as introducing new managerial staff or groups of starter advisors.

For call centres that want to improve agent engagement, community pages can be a cheap and effective approach, bringing teams together in a collaborative and communicative way.



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