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Call centre coaching needs to be consistent

Coaching ConceptIt is vital for all businesses to invest in employees. This is even more important for call centres because staff members are frontline customer service agents. Consistent coaching is essential to ensure that individuals are following a telephone answering services’ guidelines and culture, and it can also help agents feel that they are valued company employees. This can help retain staff and save companies a lot of money.

For team managers to effectively coach, planning is crucial. The frequency of coaching will be determined by various factors. It needs to be a careful balancing act between the effect of removing staff from their roles and the positive impact on performance that training can offer.

At a minimum, one-on-one coaching sessions should be conducted once a month. This ensures agents remain a constant focus. For poor performances, coaching sessions might be required more often; having a one-on-one every fortnight can have dramatic effects on people’s productivity. It is important not to throw coaching sessions on unsuspecting employees, however. Agents should know when meetings will be held and the metrics they’re going to be evaluated on.

By carefully planning coaching sessions, call centre agents have a better understanding of their schedule and what is expected from them. In addition, it can also raise the productivity of managers, helping them to get through more employees and boost overall call centre efficiency.

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