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Call centre coaching important for success

Call centres are always striving to become better, taking matters in their own hands to increase efficiency and ensure that the customer gets exactly what they require. Coaching has become a vital area for any telephone answering service that wants to see success. And, for any business looking to outsource its call centre operations, it’s important to ensure that teaching takes place with its chosen provider.

Whilst training provides agents with the tools and knowledge to effectively handle calls and use equipment, coaching is slightly different, in that it should be undertaken as a way to facilitate self-learning. Instead of telling people what to do, coaching will help agents develop a sense of self and identify how they’ll work. With staff members feeling confident, call centres will then often note an increase in creativity and performance. This goes a long way to increasing the overall positive customer service that callers are provided with.

One popular method of coaching is the “Continue and Begin” method, where agents are first asked to indentify the areas in which they excel. By highlighting these and being rewarded, people then feel more at ease to reveal areas where they need help. By following this process over many months, agents are able to drive performance up in all areas, identifying specific areas of excellence and places where they need help on a continual basis.

With high performance vital for call centres, initiating ways of improving staff skills is important. And, by utilising coaching methods, call centres can see efficiency gains.

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