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Call centre cloud use to surge by 2020

cloudsdCloud solutions have already enabled many call centres to boost efficiency, customer services, and productivity. In fact, 51 per cent of companies already use such tools. Now, a new report has suggested that over half of telephone answering services will have some form of cloud-based service by 2020.

The latest Genesys research showed that some call centre owners have already adapted their company to 100 per cent use of cloud services. The “Cloud as a Journey: The Reality of Cloud-based Solutions in UK Contact Centres” survey questioned 186 firms to discover how businesses saw the cloud in terms of attitude, experiences, and future plans. It found that a large number of firms are already using cloud technology, and 75 per cent of this group said their experiences are improving.

Industry expert Steve Morrell said: “Already 8% of those surveyed are fully cloud-based and two in three which aren’t entirely in the cloud plan to make the move between 2014 and 2020 – with a high proportion saying this is most likely towards the end of the decade. These responses show that moving functionality fully into the cloud is an increasing consideration for UK businesses which operate contact centres.”

Firms that want to improve their services can utilise cloud-based tools to prepare themselves for the future.

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