GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Call centre choices require care

Ofcom regulations are being brought up again with regards to privacy and call centres, as sales messages are being sent to many phones of late. This has many consumers unhappy. This type of call centre is definitely not going to help a business and, in fact, will hinder it.

When we talk about outsourcing to call centres it is with the understanding that you wish to improve your customer relations, therefore you should focus on the benefits and uses of call centres and select your call centre carefully, in order to ensure that your company and consumers are happy,

Telephone answering services that are provided by your company can, for example, have automated programmes that will redial a consumer number if you are cut off from the call for any reason. For instance, if a mobile phone drops the call, the right call centre software can redial the telephone number ensuring that your consumer is connected again and can continue your conversation.

Consumers appreciate an extra step such as this in customer service because it means you care. You are not just going to wait for them to call back, but will try to connect to them again. Obviously, the call centre will keep a record of the call, and should the call be cut by the consumer on purpose a redial will not be warranted. The extra “mile” that companies go for their consumers will definitely make things better all around for their business.

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