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Call centre agents thrive on good conversation

Many negative connotations are applied to call centre work, with those outside of the industry sometimes mistakenly believing that being a telephone answering services agent is a difficult job. However, many agents actually love their jobs and thrive on the social aspect of the role.

Call centre work naturally involves a lot of communication. For social butterflies, talking to a variety of people can be extremely rewarding. Even when agents must deal with challenging situations, talking to callers and resolving their problems contributes to job satisfaction. In addition to interacting with consumers, call centres are often a thriving melting pot of different employees, allowing agents to enjoy spending time with their colleagues.

Working in a call centre can even extend beyond friendships. Earlier in 2017, Lloyds Pharmacy found that 29 per cent of 3,000 people questioned said they had found an extra-special connection with a workmate. Many call centres hold social events in addition to having large, open-plan workspaces, allowing workers to make connections that count instead of simply working through the day as part of the daily grind.

The call centre environment can be extremely enjoyable for social butterflies and all those who thrive on good conversation. Whether they are dealing with inbound or outbound traffic, agents can be rewarded for their time through conversations with a diverse and wide-ranging consumer base. Even though the job might not be for everyone, it is the ideal place to excel for many people.

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