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Call centre agents targeted to be healthier

In the Philippines there is a campaign to help call centre employees become healthier. Anyone who works in an office for eight hours a day needs to get out and get exercise. Sitting down rather than getting exercise can hurt one’s health in the long run. There are plenty of studies about the need for proper exercise in the office. There is a four month “Olympics” being held in the Philippines that is driving workers at call centres towards a healthier lifestyle.

It is an interesting concept and one that could make you want to choose Philippine telephone answering services over other countries. Whilst you may have more important factors to consider over that of staff health, employees’ wellbeing, whether they work for you or indirectly for you through another company, should be a factor. A healthy employee from a call centre will be able to answer your consumer needs. It means your consumers will get the attention they deserve rather than being dealt with by employees that do not really feel well enough to answer the phones, let alone worry about other people’s questions.

There are plenty of studies about health in the workplace and what it can mean to improve the health of employees. The concept that Philippines call centres are employing is just one way to target a healthier work environment on a grander scale. The European Chamber of Commerce is actually responsible for the health bid.

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