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Call centre agents should have voices trained to safeguard health

It has been revealed in a new survey that many people working in call centres suffer from voice problems.  This makes it vital to train workers to protect their voices and ensure that health issues can be staved off as much as possible.

Just like actors and singers, call centre agents use their voices throughout the day on an ongoing basis.  Noisy environments frequently result in workers having to raise their voice to be heard, with one third of people questioned by the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) saying that they often had a hoarse throat.  Ten percent of those asked said that breathlessness, voice loss or sore throats had been diagnosed, with another 10% saying that their work suffered because of vocal problems.

Executive Director of Policy at IOSH, Dr Luise Vassie, said that actors and singers often had training on how to protect and control their voice.  “Call centre managers and employees would be wise to heed the advice of this research and consider what benefits vocal training and a raised awareness of environmental issues would bring to their organisation,” she added.

For those working within the telephone answering services industry, the latest news may uncover an aspect of training that many not have been thought of before.  But, by safeguarding agents against health issues with their voices, call centres could gain happier workers and heightened performance.

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