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Call centre agents must be natural problem solvers

acdfc898-e274-4cbb-a231-bb59e172aeedFor every job, there are certain natural characteristics that can allow people to thrive. In the call centre industry, one key quality is to be a natural problem solver. When telephone answering services are conducting their recruitment, it’s a good idea to test potential candidates’ solving ability. This can help companies see just which agents are likely to excel in the call centre environment.

Agents can be trained on any number of services and products, but it’s important that people have the right innate traits to begin with. To make the best agents, people need to have emotional intelligence and good communication, but they also need a strong knack for solving problems. Each and every call to a call centre is about solving an issue, whether it’s dealing with a complaint, talking about a new service or simply offering a helping hand. Customers want a quick and easy fix, so having agents who can think on their feet and resolve calls is crucial.

Whilst average handling time (AHT) used to be a top metric, this has now been replaced by first call resolution (FCR). To achieve this, agents need to be able to gather data and come up with solutions immediately, not deter callers until a later time. If firms want to build a skilled team of agents, recruiting those with problem solving abilities from the outset is a good start.

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