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Call centre agents are brand ambassadors

Many executives may give very little thought to their call centre agents once all the positions on the front line are filled.  However, the nature of the role calls for agents to become brand ambassadors regardless of the company they are working for.  This means that telephone answering services need to spend the proper time ensuring that staff members are fully informed.

Andrew Doyle, an expert in the industry, revealed that many people overlook the fact that the people on their front line are brand ambassadors.  Call centre agents are often the first point of contact for customers, and often because of a problem or query.  This means that agents not only need to be ambassadors for the company, but must be able to excel in offering the best service to create a positive experience.

During the recession many companies have tackled ways to reduce expenditure.  This has often been achieved by minimising call handling time to deal with as many queries in as short a time as possible.  However, this is not always the best way forward, with expert Laura Bassett suggesting that higher costs can be noted as customer issues are often left unresolved.  Instead, companies should focus on trying to solve issues as quickly as they can to ensure happy clients.

Whichever way that call centres decide to go, it is vital to remember that agents are on the front line and are doing all they can to promote and built a good brand image.  For this reason, it is vital not to overlook these employees who are so important in the call centre business.

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