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Call center outsourcing – what makes a good agent?

With our fantastic industry’s attrition rates nearing a scary 50% a year, finding and retaining good call centre agents couldn’t be more important! A worker who is reliable, genuinely interested in people and moderately tech-savvy could be the ideal candidate for the increasingly important role of call-center agent.

Some companies, mainly in the good US-of-A are even starting to refer to call centre operatives as “brand ambassadors” as opposed to “agents” to illustrate how important it is for those call handling to not only have an interest in but a good overall knowledge of the product or service they are representing; very important for the customer!

It pays for a call center agent to be a bit of an actor. Every call is unique, and employees may need to be upbeat one minute and sympathetic or supportive the next. Flexibility counts! Hirers may also find it a benefit to compare or derive new tests to compare potential employees with past staff who have excelled – Qualities such as being pro-actively helpful rather than over-accommodating are highly desirable.

Ultimately if you are interested in working within the call center services industry, or are simply intrigued as to what we look for with our staff then generally, the characteristics of a successful call-center agent are:

  • Resourcefulness

  • Prior call-center experience

  • Hospitality training or background

  • Bilingual skills

  • The ability to listen

  • A pleasant voice

  • A self-starter mentality

  • The ability to think and make decisions on the fly

  • An outgoing personality

  • A sense of responsibility

  • Adaptability

  • Discipline

Responsible individuals who communicate a positive attitude and understand that they are on the front line of their company’s public image will do very well at a call center indeed.

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