GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Call answering services for all sizes of businesses

Opting for a telephone answering service may be seen as something that is reserved for larger businesses but the truth is that it can benefit all types of businesses.  A freelancer who is working from home can simply divert calls from their landline or mobile telephone to the call centre who can deal with as many or as few calls as they wish.  Calls are then answered quickly and there is no need to leave a message and wait for a call back.  Calls are answered in the way that the company wants and company-specific information is given to the customer.  Calls diverted in this way also mean that more than one call can be dealt with at any one time.

For small businesses it may be necessary to have calls covered for a short time while a staff member is at lunch or in a meeting or it may be longer term – perhaps while somebody is off sick or on holiday.  A telephone answering service can be a great option here as it means that staff members are able to multi-task without this having a detrimental effect on the service offered to customers.

Large companies can also benefit even if they have a team of people there to answer the phone.  A call centre can help at times when there are large volumes of calls such as during a marketing campaign or other promotional event.  Messages are passed back via email or telephone or can be sent by text message.

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