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Bust your call centre out of the January blues

happyIt might be a cliché that a business is only as good as its staff, but for a call centre this is especially true. Agents are the frontline of customer services, dealing with both inbound and outbound traffic and talking to customers on a daily basis. Therefore, keeping them motivated is essential. This can be hard to do when people are returning to work after the festive season and have the January blues, but there are a few simple things that can be done to stimulate them.

While it can be hard to encourage those manning telephone answering services with Christmas fading into the distance, it is important that they are on their toes at this time of year as they could face a deluge of calls from customers following the holiday season.

One great way to motivate agents is to implement a profit-sharing scheme. This can be applied to upselling, meaning employees gain real benefits when they encourage customers to upgrade.

A monthly raffle is another way of providing incentives. Every time an agent achieves a quality score of 95 per cent or more, for example, they can take a ticket, which can incentivise agents to perform to a consistently high standard throughout the month.

On busy days, it is a nice idea to offer snacks, sweets and other treats to workers. This can put people in a good mood and shows them their hard work is being recognised and rewarded.

Finally, implementing a peer-to-peer awards scheme allows employees to nominate their colleagues that have performed well for a prize, encouraging staff to go above and beyond.

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