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Businesses failing with social media platforms

In a new survey it has been shown that businesses and call centres are failing to engage properly with social media platforms.  Customers expect more avenues of contact than ever before, but despite this, many companies are not able to provide the social networking engagement required.

In the latest report that was completed after 100 IT professionals and businesses were asked about their use of social media, 32% of people said that they did not accept customer queries over platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.  Meanwhile, only just over 50% said that they expect to see social media surpassing the need for telephone answering services by 2020.

Mark King, an expert in customer services, said: “Although it is fair to say that most organisations now recognise that being present on the most popular social media networks is a necessity, as that is where their customers are, it should be much more than just another way of talking about how great your brand is and not developing that conversation.”

Current statistics show that 72% of businesses use social media for inter-company communication, with another 8% are expecting to roll out platforms in the coming year.  Meanwhile, 60% of people said that social platforms would become increasingly important to them as communication channels in the future, showing just how important it is to effectively use this form of media as a way to reach out to customers.

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