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Business growth supported by cloud computing

Networking concept: Silver Cloud on digital backgroundIt has been revealed that call centres and other businesses could boost their growth by adopting cloud computing. In a study of their customers, NewVoiceMedia said growth averages were above international rates, which suggests that companies are able to get a boost in performance and productivity by using the cloud.

Whilst global economic growth rates average 3.5 per cent, NewVoiceMedia said that customers in the UK are growing at an average of 41 per cent. Sampling publicly available data in July 2015 from 300 US and UK businesses, NewVoiceMedia highlighted that telephone answering services might be able to drive growth by turning to modern cloud solutions.

The data sampled showed that UK telecoms, utilities and media customers are growing at 85 per cent market growth, compared to 8 per cent in the US. Meanwhile, business services customers are showing 39 per cent versus 4 per cent market growth. Although financial services are noting -0.1 per cent market growth in the US, NewVoiceMedia’s UK clients note an average of 76 per cent.

The company’s chief executive officer, Jonathan Gale, said: “Our cloud customer contact solutions are attracting some of the world’s highest-growth businesses because we are committed to driving innovation that is revolutionising the way they connect with their customers worldwide and growing their business with improved efficiency, reduced churn and greater customer advocacy.” He added that NewVoiceMedia looks forward to seeing customer growth trajectories continue to climb.

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