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Business growth fuelled by cloud technology

CloudCloud computing is still a relatively new technology. However, it is already making a big difference in the business world with those who use it often out-competing their rivals. In fact, a recent Microsoft report showed that small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) grew faster than their competitors if they used cloud services. Cloud technology can provide many benefits for call centres; growing past rivals is only the beginning.

For SME telephone answering services, the potential for growth is often better. This is because many of these businesses do not have the obstacles and hoops to jump through that their larger rivals face. Cash really is king for SMEs, which means that not having to keep IT hardware and licensing capital in reserve and adopting cloud computing instead can make a big difference. Additionally, when you consider the fact that SMEs are often the first to benefit when they start utilising virtual services, there is not a lot to hold companies back.

Expenses can also be reduced in the area of IT resources. The reliance on skilled IT workers can be greatly reduced when using the cloud. This effectively means that IT departments can be outsourced, negating the need to hire expensive specialists.

With cloud computing available at affordable prices, many SMEs are being seen as trailblazers in this area. For smaller call centres looking to get ahead, turning to the cloud could be the perfect route.

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