"GoResponse offer the ideal services for my growing business. They answer the calls allowing me to focus on new leads and in-country operations."
- Ian Ford, China Journeys

Bureau or Dedicated?

One of the key considerations that we consult on is what is the most beneficial way that we can structure the team that will be handling your calls. Our goal is to deliver the best balance of cost efficiency and caller experience.


Bureau Team

Overview: Multi-skilled agents handling calls for multiple clients.


  • Only pay for time on the phone (PAYG)
  • No commitments to fixed hourly rates


  • At volumes can be less cost effective
  • Training is diluted across wider agent group
  • Less agile to train out new products, brands and promotions as the concentration of calls is spread over a bigger team
  • Retention reduced
  • Higher per minute costs

Notes: This reduces the financial risk for clients as it is a pay per use service, however it will always dilute effectiveness of training and call handling efficiencies. Really the best option under 300 calls per day.


Dedicated Team

Overview: A team dedicated to a single client.


  • If work/call occupancy is utilised correctly, is the most cost effective and efficient solution
  • Training is condensed to a smaller team meaning quicker turnaround and better retention
  • Increased knowledge of products and systems thus creating higher conversion rates and package values
  • Familiarity with your client base to offer a more tailored personal approach


  • If call volumes and/or back office support requirement reduces, dedicated seat costing benefits also reduce

Notes: calls still overflow to the GoResponse Bureau team at peaks or Out of Hours. Starts becoming an option over 300 calls a day or where other ‘non-phone based’ business processes have a high importance.


Bureau & Dedicated Team (Blended)

A blend of dedicated team with calls overflowing at peaks and out of hours into the bureau.


  • Provides the comfort that almost guarantees that the dedicated team will work at high occupancy rate, reducing costs vs. bureau
  • Blended approach also reduces the potential under utilisation of dedicated team


  • Not quite that cost savings of a larger dedicated team, but provides a half-way house
  • Still requires a certain amount of training into the general bureau environment

Notes: calls still overflow to the GoResponse Bureau team at peaks or Out of Hours.

Feeding as much traffic to the dedicated team as first point of call is best option as this creates the best return from the fixed cost overhead. Overflow to the GoResponse Bureau team


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