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BT said to be capitalising on call blocking concerns

With a number of call centres worried about the rising levels of nuisance phone calls, many telephone answering services have been doing all they can to ensure that dropped and silent calls are kept to an absolute minimum.  It has been revealed that BT have increased the charge for blocking calls, with the Fair Telecoms Campaign (FTC) suggesting that the firm are “capitalising” on the issue of nuisance calls.

Nuisance calls have been gaining in numbers, and polls have found that many people receive at least one irritating phone call every month.  Whilst call centres battle to ensure their customer services and branding remains positive in spite of the industry’s black mark, it seems that BT may be trying to take advantage of the issue.

BT offers a number of services to deal with nuisance calls, including BT Answer 1571 and Choose to Refuse.  However, they have now said they are raising prices for these services from 4th January, 2014.  Whilst Choose to Refuse is currently £3.70, it will rise to £3.90.  Meanwhile, the 1571 service, which is currently free, will become £1.75.

The FTC’s David Hickson, said: “BT plays a leading role in working groups looking at ways to address the issue of Nuisance Calls.  Perhaps it sees this as a market of vulnerable people, ripe for commercial exploitation.  BT’s contribution will be noted by the Culture Media and Sport Committee and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Nuisance Calls, both of which are conducting formal inquiries.”

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