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Broadband customers prefer UK-based call centres

Employees working in a call center front viewA new poll of British consumers has discovered that 80 per cent are deterred from signing up to a broadband provider if call centres are based outside the UK. This data shows the importance of providing consistently high-quality service no matter where in the world telephone answering services are based. In addition, it suggests that brands might be able to encourage more business by using local communication hubs.

In the new research conducted by ISPreview.co.uk, 82.6 per cent of survey respondents are actively discouraged from using a broadband company they know has a foreign call centre. Meanwhile, 34.6 per cent said their current provider’s call centre service was poor, compared to 31.7 per cent who said the opposite. Whilst 6.8 per cent are unsure of the service quality, 26.7 per cent mentioned it was average.

When asked to reveal bugbears with services, 52 per cent mentioned ineffective solutions, highlighting the importance of providing consumers with support that actually resolves their problem as quickly as possible. While 24.2 per cent were frustrated over queuing times, bad sound quality was mentioned by 10.4 per cent of people.

Over the past few years, many internet service providers have brought their call centre and support jobs back to UK shores, and the latest survey findings indicate why this might have occurred. For example, it was only this January that BT said it would be increasing recruitment for domestic jobs. Although the data refers only to the broadband market, the message is clear: many British consumers prefer local call centres.

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