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Brits happy to share personal data for benefits

A new survey has shown that, as long as clear benefits are offered, British individuals are happy to share their personal data.  In the latest consumer survey by Infosys, it was shown that 74% of people are happy to let banks have their details, whilst the same is true for 69% giving personal data to retailers.

Polling 5,000 consumers across five countries, including 1,000 in Britain, the survey revealed some important findings that call centres can take advantage of.  In retail, the old adage of “To know me is to sell to me” is very true, with three quarters of people saying that retailers did not target them correctly.  Seventy-eight percent added that emails and online promotions often missed the mark and were not personalised enough, suggesting that consumers would buy if more care was taken with target marketing strategies.  However, with just 16% of people saying they are happy to share their social media information with retailers, companies have a hard time of creating carefully targeted advertising.

In the banking sector, 86% of respondents said they expect companies to hold a lot of personal information as a way to prevent fraud.  In addition, 77% of respondents said they would switch banks if institutions could guarantee more data protection and greater safeguards for their money.

The findings are important for telephone answering services who want to provide customers with as good a service as possible.  For those wanting to sell and up-sell, knowing the consumer market is essential.

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