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British customers demand highest customer service expectations

A new poll has discovered that British individuals are the most demanding when it comes to the customer services that they expect from companies.  When individuals were asked whether they would pay a fee to receive a better service for firms, 86% of respondents said they wouldn’t because they expect quality customer care to be part of doing business.

Actionable Research revealed the data as part of their newest customer services experience survey.  It shows that call centres must be prepared to offer top quality care to all their consumers, or face negative publicity and customer losses.  In addition to the customer expectation data, the survey also revealed that consumers place a high priority upon fast responses and being able to talk to an expert.  In addition, the most preferred type of interaction remains live agents, followed by email and, in third place, web chat.  The latter finding is particularly important as it suggests telephone answering services will be in great demand for a long time to come, despite the emerging popularity of social media.

Dave Paulding, a customer services expert, said: “These results highlight that companies need to offer great service with a minimum cost implication for the customer.  This is undoubtedly due to the economic times in which we live: customers are trying to save money, but at the same time they know companies need their business to survive in an extremely competitive market.”

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