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British call centres being increasingly used

Whilst the past decade has seen many businesses outsourcing their call centres to cheaper and overseas locations, a new report has shown that the majority of companies are looking to reduce their offshore workers in the coming years.  The return to British soil will mean that call centres can expect to see more activity and demand for their services.

The Back Office Processing Survey 2013 questioned almost 200 senior executives who have been running back office processes for at least three months.  The results highlighted that 60% of companies are expecting to reduce the amount of offshore workers they are using in coming years.  Only 7% of participants said that they would actually be increasing numbers, indicating that British-based telephone answering services can expect to find rising levels of activity.

The Planning Forum’s Head of Operations, Colin Whelan, said: “This is an important survey.  It underscores how the Back Office Processing Operation is coming out of the shadows and taking centre stage as organisations seek to grasp the entire process from end-to-end to deliver the best customer experience and optimise costs.”

With more companies moving their offshore work back to the UK, British-based call centres can expect to see rising demand for their services.  With customer services remaining a top priority for businesses, it will be crucial for contact centres to provide optimum service for clients and consumers.

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