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British brands should place customer satisfaction over call centre costs

Researchers revealed in a new study looking into the expenses the British call centres face, that many telephone answering services will struggle to compete against the low costs of offshore businesses. However, with many UK-based call centres offering top-quality customer services to clients, it’s important for outsourcers to remember that going with the low-cost option isn’t always the best option.

Running a call centre in-house can be difficult, and many businesses look to outsource the work to a dedicated telephone answering service instead of trying to manage the problem themselves. By doing so, executives can ensure that customers have a reliable place to call and can have their needs met by the very best agents. Traditionally, many UK companies utilised offshore facilities as they were far cheaper and, being in a different time zone, could easily offer service around the clock. However, times are changing, and more brands are bringing their call centre business back home.

Customer service has never been more important, and consumers expect more efficiency than ever. Whilst operating abroad can keep costs low, it can result in frustrated consumers and poor client handling. Therefore, for those companies who want to ensure that British residents can find an answer to their query quickly and easily, utilising call centres in the UK is the best solution, providing customers with a positive experience.

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