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Bring the “feel good” factor into your call centre

Smiling Customer service representative with headset onIncreasing the engagement of call centre agents is a big focus for many companies because satisfied telephone answering services employees are vital to achieving positive branding and optimised customer care. For companies that wish to create an enjoyable and happy environment, there are several options to consider.

One great way to motivate agents and create a sense of teamwork is to publish positive customer feedback for everyone to see. Sharing good stories helps boost morale, and it can also serve as passive training, allowing agents to see what really matters to consumers. It also helps to develop an office culture where staff members celebrate each other’s successes.

This can even be taken a step further and provide a way to congratulate workers without the need for promotions or awards. Agent of the Month programmes also work well, helping agents to recognise each others’ landmark achievements.

Handing out prizes and awards is another way to bolster staff morale and help engage with workers. Call centres can get really creative in the prizes they offer, from bonuses and physical gifts to the chance at first choice for annual leave options or flexible working hours. Creating a tiered prize system allows call centres to give out more gifts, with larger rewards provided for bigger achievements.

Call centre agents are a big investment, so it is important to try to retain as many staff members as possible. By adding the “feel good” factor to a workplace, companies have the best chance of keeping their workers and boosting productivity as a result.

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