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Breaking down a few common sales myths

For all call centres, there is an element of selling, whether this is a key priority or it’s done through up-selling. Many myths are common in the sector, several of which pertain to the effectiveness of selling. In order for telephone answering services to succeed, executives need to understand the truths behind these beliefs.

Many execs think all they need to understand their sales rates is data from the order system. However, this isn’t always true. While order systems are ideal for gaining structured purchase information, it doesn’t show the true story. How many times did the best call centre agents offer products or services to eligible consumers? Which deals work best for each customer type? To get the answers, interaction analytics are required, indicating that far more than the order system is required.

Another common myth is that agents should be able to easily up-sell. Many firms want agents to offer current customers extra products or bolt-on services. However, telephone answering services staff aren’t always equipped with sales skills. Again, utilising interaction analytics helps to establish when an up-sell is appropriate in addition to which agents are best at processing this task.

Finally, sales effectiveness is not always about just the agent. Although staff play a major role in closing a deal, they can only work off the information they have. This means that for effective selling, employees must be equipped with the knowledge and expertise to do their job properly.

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