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Brands must understand the customer journey is continuous

Customer service support peopleThere has been a lot of focus on the customer journey recently, with brands needing to understand the full cycle that consumers go through from beginning to end. This starts at the very first moment someone decides they want a product and extends through to when they either stop using that product or become a regular customer. However, call centres need to realise that the journey is continuous and does not simply stop once the service or product transaction has taken place.

Intelecom UK’s Vice President of Sales, Colin Hay, has explained that it is important to remember that the customer journey is a continuous cycle. In addition to identifying how someone feels at each stage of the journey and understanding all the possible points of contacts for each phase, telephone answering services must remember that this is only the start. In addition, customers can have different feelings a second time around. For example, the thrill of a purchase might cause shoppers to overlook a poorly optimised stage the first time around. However, this is less likely upon repeat contact, especially if it is due to a complaint.

Mapping the customer journey must be regularly reviewed to ensure it is working correctly. In addition, it is important to keep it fresh in order to avoid frustrating repeat callers. This can be as simple as including up-to-date information or adding a fast-track option that allows regular customers to skip certain sections.

Evolving a call centre to suit the customers instead of internal processes can be extremely challenging. However, if you get it right, consumers will enjoy an optimised customer journey that can have a positive effect on the bottom line and brand reputation.

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