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Bournemouth Council Considering Outsourcing Parking Enforcement

Bournemouth Council is working on a proposal to hire private parking wardens.
Today outsourcing is more than call centres and telephone answering services. Outsourcing can be anything a company or entity does not want to keep in their primary business, such as this new concept with Bournemouth Council considering outsourcing the enforcement of parking. The council is working on the proposal and exactly how it would work.
The first announcement of the plan was made in March. The council stated they had ideas to privatise certain aspects of law enforcement to help stabilise the council’s funds in the face of cuts in government grants. A deal was made in December 2010 for other areas of the council to be outsourced.
At the moment the concept is controversial because it is said the wardens hover around vehicles just to give out tickets when a violation occurs, rather than keeping moving. Some people are wondering what the local authorities will actually be running as more and more work is outsourced. Apparently there are even some private firms working on the highways now instead of the local authority.
Despite the controversy, one thing is clear and that is that outsourcing where possible in order to save funds is a definite trend. If money can be saved and used towards helping the residents of the council, it may seem worthwhile to outsource a little if it really helps the borough progress or helps those in need.

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