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Bots should be considered message platform concierges

Call centerAs technology continues to grow, call centres sometimes struggle to keep up. Over the past few years, artificial intelligence and bots in particular have become mainstream.

Even though these might not be as impressive as IPsoft’s Amelia or Amazon’s Alexa, they now act as a business concierge on major messaging platforms and it is important for telephone answering services not to dismiss them. Bots have mass market appeal, and there are numerous bot-building frameworks available, including via Microsoft and Facebook. With more than 11,000 developers flocking to Messenger in the months after Facebook announced its bot development program, call centres can now get bots cheaply and quickly.

For organisations that are focussed on providing top customer services quality, bots should not be valued as technology frontrunners. Instead, they should be seen as a concierge on major messaging platforms. These platforms now attract huge mobile audiences, and bots can be positioned to take advantage of the immediate future where the traditional desktop browser loses out to smartphones and messaging applications.

Voice remains popular because of its speed, and technologies that are capable of harnessing the power of AI to answer voice enquiries can almost certainly expect a bright future. However, even though the bots are not particularly next-generation, they are a tool that should not be overlooked. This is especially true in a call centre setting, where swift responses, accurate routing and an excellent customer experience are all necessary to gain positive feedback and branding.


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