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Boosting morale good for call centre agents

Telephone ServiceStaff retention rates in the call centre industry can be quite low, with many companies seeing a high employee turnover rate that cannot be attributed to seasonal fluctuations. This costs telephone answering services a lot of money because the expense of recruitment can be high. Therefore, it is a good idea to try to hold on to the staff already in place, and boosting morale can be a good way to accomplish this.

There are many steps executives can take to boost workplace morale and ensure their call centre staff are happy. Some of the best things to do are not based on boosting business but rather building relationships between the teams. For example, having a fundraising event is a good way to get individuals to focus on helping others instead of the general day-to-day call taking. Meanwhile, pictures of social events can be pinned or projected to the wall, reminding employees of the team surrounding them.

Meanwhile, other things can be implemented that allow the work day to pass more quickly and seamlessly. For example, allowing people to leave their stations to make a cup of tea during the work day offers flexibility at little cost. Having a knowledge-sharing breakfast offers the chance for executives to provide the food and agents to discuss the latest goings on in a company. In addition, simply having a vending machine on site often gives workers a much-needed afternoon pick-me-up.

Boosting workplace morale is good for employees as well as customers. By keeping staff happy, customer services gains and higher job retention rates can be noted.

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