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Boosting competition quality can increase positive customer experience

excellentMany call centres are focusing on increasing the quality of their customer experience, and this is the right thing to do when consumers are expecting more from the companies they deal with. However, taking interest solely in experience can be short sighted. For telephone answering services that want to take a holistic approach, looking at competition quality is also important.

Consider the example of a train ride where someone is unable to sit down because there is no seat available. In addition, imagine that the carriage is so crammed that the person has to stand with other people in their personal space for the entire journey. The questions to ask would be if it was a regular experience, and if it is, why is it occurring? Often, particularly in the case of trains, it is because a single network holds the monopoly on a train line, which means that passengers have to put up with whatever comes in their direction.

In the call centre, problems don’t have to be as great, but they could relate to queuing times or limited ways of contact. For example, whilst many companies are diversifying onto social networks, others might not be, which will make them less competitive. Therefore, if firms can boost their competitive quality, they might also increase customer experience at the same time.

Going into 2015, it is important for call centres to consider what their customers expect. By adopting new practices, new clients can be found and services can be improved for existing consumers.

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