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Boosting call routing effectiveness vital for call centres

Call routing is vital for telephone answering services, allowing customers to get through to the right agent as quickly as possible. Instead of having workers picking up all calls, routing consumers through call centre menus ensures specialist questions are met with the right skills and expertise. However, there are times when call routing needs to a boost in efficiency, and there are a few ways of accomplishing this.

One of the best ways to increase the efficiency of call routing is to actually provide consumers with an option to choose the agent they need to speak to. Callers often know what their problem is and which department they require, so providing a menu at the beginning of a call helps to funnel customers to the right agent. If companies are trying to channel various customers according to quality, a PIN number can be provided to some consumers, allowing them direct access.

Another way to aid agent response is to provide additional data with calls. For example, incoming calls can be tagged with a location so agents know what language to speak, or they can be colour-coded so workers are given a quick indicator of the call’s nature.

Optimising call routing is important if telephone answering services are to maximise efficiency. By taking the time to improve the current system, the workflow process can be made seamless.

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