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Boosting call centre productivity involves motivation and agent perks

"Motivate" handwritten with white chalk on a blackboardThe saying that a company is only as good as its staff is quite true when it comes to call centres. Agents are the frontline of customer services, and they have a major impact on a firm’s branding. In order to push productivity and keep it high, telephone answering services must constantly motivate their staff.

There are several ways motivation in call centres can occur, and through agent perks and constructive feedback, individuals can not only be trained to do their job better but to actually enjoy it at the same time. Offering free snacks, chilled drinks and cereal can help keep people’s energy levels up, and this can boost both morale and productivity. Every fortnight or on a monthly basis, a therapist can offer shoulder and head massages free of charge, helping people to relax. Meanwhile, particular days of the week can have themes. For example, Wednesdays could be pizza lunch day.

In addition to offering perks, consistent training and motivation are also essential. Asking agents to identify areas they could up-skill is a good way to get people on track to become better experts, whilst weekly coaching sessions can be a good idea for all staff, not just those who are underperforming. Catching people doing the right thing is also a positive step to take because it allows managers the chance to be positive.

Motivating call centre staff can be hard in an environment that is often fast-paced, target-driven and impersonal. However, creating a community and offering training can boost productivity and morale.

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