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Boost WFM ROI with payroll reviews and part-timers

Depositphotos_2303342_originalMany modern call centres utilise workforce management (WFM) solutions to help optimise daily operations and ensure there are enough telephone answering services staff available. However, by focussing on two simple areas, many companies can boost their return on investment (ROI) for this product.

One of the first areas to focus on is the payroll. It is important for call centres to regularly review their payroll. Assuming that every agent in a 100-employee contact centre works a 40-hour week, executives should question whether all of these hours are actually required. By harnessing the power of a WFM, there is the potential to shave two hours off each agent’s schedule, resulting in large savings. For example, if just half of agents work 38 hours instead and earn an hourly rate of £15, payroll savings of £78,000 per annum could be made.

Another opportunity to increase ROI is to look for part-timers and maximise the efficiency of these agents. WFM tools have been developed to ensure that a call centre’s schedule is always covered by enough employees. However, there may be multiple occasions when too many agents are working. To correct this, employees can be offered flexible, part-time schedules. Agent preferences can then be added into the WFM, with the resulting schedule helping to save money and offering employees greater satisfaction.

Modern firms and call centres must ensure they are working at peak efficiencies if they want to maximise success. By using WFM in the right way, businesses can improve their ROI without compromising consumer care.

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