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Boost staff retention by engaging workforce

friends and friendshipA lot of emphasis is placed on engaging with customers, but call centres also need to engage with their workforce in order to be successful. Agents left to their own devices can start to feel undervalued and like just another cog in the wheel. Engaging with them can boost both morale and performance as the New Year gets underway.

A great way to engage with employees is by holding regular team meetings. While some staff members may turn their nose up at the idea of meetings, nurturing a feeling of solidarity in the telephone answering services workplace is essential.

These meetings, which should be held on at least a monthly basis, will create an open channel of communication with call centres agents on the floor, and managers should use them to listen to feedback and resolve any problems. This will give staff members a platform for their voices to be heard, and help them feel like part of the team.

However, building solidarity goes beyond monthly meetings; call centres should look to engage with agents on a consistent basis. Weekly video conferences or newsletters can be used to let people know what is happening in the rest of the firm, creating solidarity. Teambuilding exercises, such as excursions or gamification, are often overlooked but great ways to boost morale.

The call centre industry is notorious for its high staff attrition rate, but through engaging with people, listening to their feedback and building a sense of togetherness, firms can see positive gains.

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