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Boost satisfaction with blended dialling

happyFor some call centres, keeping inbound and outbound dialling separate might seem like a good idea. By running two different processes, agents can be assigned to jobs according to their skill level. It can also make data organisation a little easier. However, blended dialling can lead to better employee satisfaction, which is a good thing for telephone answering services that want to retain and train staff in the long term.

The process of blended dialling allows agents to swap between outbound and inbound calls at any given time. Inbound calls should be prioritised in order to keep a high level of customer care quality. There might also be some resistance from agents who prefer inbound calls to outbound campaigns. However, if call centres can overcome this, there are plenty of positives to be gained.
On the whole, employees who are provided with a variety of work throughout the day have a higher job satisfaction score. As a result, it becomes easier to retain these agents, avoiding the costly process of recruitment. Over time, the workforce will become more skilled and experienced, which can benefit every aspect of a company.

The number of firms using blended dialling is on the rise. The digital age requires agents to have a diverse skillset anyway, which means that taking the blended approach might not end up being quite the strain that some call centre executives expect it to be.

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