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Boost inter-department relationships with secondments

TeamworkThe days when business departments operated largely as separate entities are now gone. With the customer experience becoming a priority, it is necessary for various call centre divisions to work with one another to create more streamlined processes. However, even though the barriers between divisions are coming down, there are still many hurdles to overcome. For those telephone answering services that want to boost inter-department relationships, developing secondment programs can be a good solution.

In all businesses, the cultures between departments can differ, and this can result in poor-quality communication. Anyone who has moved between marketing, support, sales and customer services knows only too well that various and fundamentally different ideas are embraced. This can make collaboration more difficult, with staff members failing to pull in the same direction.

One way to fix this is to allow employees to work for fixed periods in other areas, thereby facilitating improved communication whilst giving individuals the chance for self-development. Call centre agents gain the chance to learn and build their own skillset, and when they return to their main role, they come armed with the knowledge needed to help a company gel. In some cases, they can even act as ambassadors between divisions.

For call centres that want to take a holistic approach to improving customer services, well-placed secondments can be ideal. These are not only a great way to boost individual agent motivation and expertise; they can improve the overall communication within a firm, too, giving call centres an increased chance of success.

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