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Boost FCR by researching repeat contacts

Portrait of salesman with headset onFor call centres, it is imperative to increase First Call Resolution (FCR) rates to ensure callers do not have to contact companies repeatedly. This is not only a waste of time for everyone concerned, but it can also frustrate consumers to the point that they switch brands. It is very important to identify the reasons that people have to call more than once to have a query resolved.

Any telephone answering service that wants to improve FCR needs to work out why repeat calls are being made in the first place. Agents are often the best source of information, and it is important to gather feedback from these employees where appropriate. Post-call surveys can also provide interesting results, and they can be used to weed out issues that might be frustrating consumers and leading to a large volume of inbound traffic.

After identifying repeat contacts and the reasons behind the calls, it is essential that call centres act on this information. One way to quickly boost FCR is to give agents more power to resolve queries on their own without the help of team leaders or managers. Empowered employees come across as more decisive and trustworthy to callers, which means a firm can improve its FCR whilst providing positive branding at the same time.

Tackling FCR is important in an era when customers can easily move to competitors. By identifying the key reasons behind people’s calls and providing agents with the knowledge and tools needed to resolve many of these queries, improved efficiency, productivity and even profit can be seen.

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