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Boost employee retention by focussing on feedback from agents who quit

Women in an officeThe call centre industry is notorious for having high employee turnover. This is because working as a telephone answering services agent isn’t for everyone, and there’s a certain amount of tenacity, particularly for out-calling, that employees need to have. However, low retention rates can lead to a huge expense, so it is important to delve into leavers’ feedback and establish exactly why people are resigning.

One major reason people cite for leaving is the lack of a clearly defined career. A lot of people won’t want to remain as a call centre agent forever, so it’s important to outline how individuals can progress within a company. It is vital to address this in one-on-one meetings so that managers know their staff’s aspirations. Career progression should be combined with the chance for leadership and skills-based training. Without these, people might come to think they are in a dead-end job and should jump ship.

Technology and resources can also be a reason that people leave, with poor quality equipment and bad access to information resulting in people’s jobs being frustrating and hindered. Even the best employees in the world will become irritated if the tools they are given fail to work properly. For this reason, it is essential keep abreast of new software and ensure that teams have the best tools possible.

Finally, call centres should ensure that they have a good reward and incentive programme so agents feel they have something to strive towards. A recent poll found that more than two thirds of people based employment decisions on the quality of a company’s reward programme.

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