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Boost efficiency with Jabra headsets

Call center operators at workIt is not only the software that call centres utilise that can help optimise efficiency; hardware can also have a large impact on streamlining. Headsets become treasured companions for many call centre agents, and the wrong model or make can result in a slump in productivity. Jabra is one of the leading manufacturers, helping telephone answering services to stay on top.

Many factors have helped Jabra excel when it comes to headsets. First, the company truly understands how to boost productivity in the workplace thanks to exclusively commissioned research papers. These have focussed on keeping staff both comfortable and focussed, particularly highlighting the need for noise cancellation. This is one area that Jabra has prioritised, and the company prides itself on being unrivalled in the sector for cutting out noise. It has been discovered that it takes a call centre agent around 23 minutes to refocus after becoming distracted, so minimising these interruptions is crucial.

Another benefit of Jabra is that the firm understands the various needs of clients. According to Jabra, “We believe that technology should adapt to people, not the other way around.” This means that they can accommodate many different settings, and with their free headset trial, companies can also test out the products at no cost.

To stay ahead of the game, it is vital for call centres to optimise every part of workplace efficiency. This includes the very hardware that employees use. Opting for the right headset could provide benefits for workers and businesses alike.


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