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Boost customer services with better emotionally valuable email

Email buttonAn increasing number of telephone answering services are diversifying to other communication channels. One of these is email. Many businesses fail to realise that this seemingly faceless process can become emotionally engaging when used in the right way.

Engaging with clients and building an emotional relationship goes a long way toward creating loyalty. As such, it is important for every channel to make building this rapport a top priority. For call centres utilising email, there are several important points to consider that can improve customer services.

First, it is a good idea to match someone’s writing style. Formal letters should be replied to in a similar way, whilst if a more casual approach is taken, then agents should reflect this in their own writing. One of the key ways to build rapport is to mirror a correspondent not only in style but also in features such as paragraph length and email structure. Greeting and signatures should also be reflected, whilst emotional words that convey empathy can also be used.

Call centres should use positive language at all times, and spelling must be checked to ensure that professionalism is upheld at all times. Finally, commitments must be kept if the emotional relationship built via email is to continue. Many people will check their email consistently, and this means that keeping to deadlines and upholding promises is essential.

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