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Boost customer services with a proactive approach

Feel free to use this image just link to www.rentvine.comProviding high quality customer care has become a top priority for modern businesses, and call centres play a major role in keeping consumers happy. However, it is vital to use a proactive approach wherein firms come to the aid of their customers before being sought out.

In many cases, the majority of sales take place without a hitch; this is particularly true of online sales. However, for those that don’t, it is essential for companies to perform well to preserve their reputation. It is crucial not to waste anyone’s time, so telephone answering services need to be quick at assessing a customer’s needs, step in if a problem is occurring, and find a solution; ideally, this should all take place before consumers have even asked for it. Couriers, for example, are experts at doing this, giving people choices about redeliveries or providing options such as leaving parcels with neighbours or in a safe and secure porch.

Not only can taking a proactive approach help customers, it can actually decrease agent downtime. To boost this approach, there are some simple things to bear in mind. First, customers need to be kept informed at all times. Self-service can be supplemented with interactive webchat, reducing inbound telephone traffic. Finally, using speech analytics to identify problematic calls can help managers step in, thereby continuing the professional approach.

By proactively chasing excellent customer care, companies can benefit from better efficiency and an improved reputation.

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