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Boost customer service with analytics

Chart incrteasMany people might think that analytics only have a place when dealing with business data, such as helping executives to manage their sales and traffic ratios. However, by using analytics in the right way, call centres can gain insights that will help them provide better customer services. This can boost performance and profit, leading to a more successful firm overall.

One of the best benefits of an analytics platform in a telephone answering services operation is that it provides a way to see interactions. With the multi-channel process becoming increasingly popular, this offers a complete picture of the customer’s journey. This means the point of contact can be captured instead of only focussing on live calls.

Another important way analytics can help is by identifying key words or phrases utilised by customers and call centre agents. Word spotting can provide useful data to call centres both for scripting purposes and to offer insights into which conversations get the best responses from customers.

Meanwhile, analytics can also help automate compliance, leading to better accuracy. This, in turn, helps consumers gain a better experience. Dissatisfaction trends can also be identified, and this allows managers to focus on eradicating specific problems. Finally, analytics can also show bottlenecks, helping executives to create new processes to avoid these problems and make the consumer’s journey through a call centre smoother and more efficient.

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